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Eden Prairie For Youth is a community collaborative focusing on youth drug and alcohol prevention and healthy youth development.

EP4Y started in 2007 after Eden Prairie Community Education conducted a needs assessment to determine direction for youth development. This resulted in forming EP4Y as a partnership between youth development and prevention.

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Know the warning signs!

• Mood swings
• Flat affect
• Out of touch with feelings
• Extreme anger, depression
• Arguments
• Withdrawal
• Fighting
• Irresponsibility
• Coming in late or not at all
• Scapegoat behavior
• Physically or verbally abusive
• Dishonesty, sneakiness
• Defiant, hostile
• Secretive, silent
• Destructive
• Money or articles missing or disappearing
• Finding drugs or paraphernalia
• Chronic late arrival
• Inability to get along
• Irresponsibility
• Missing work regularly
• Accidents on the job
• Working below potential
• Getting fired
• Minor consumption
• Possession charges
• Getting arrested
• Shoplifting
• Stealing
• Vandalism
• Poor concentration, distracted
• Memory loss
• Lowered attention span
• Lack of motivation
• Lazy, lethargic
• Change in appearance
• Tired
• Hangovers, sick
• Broken bones
• Car accidents
• Red eyes or using Visine
• Blackouts or passing out
• Weight loss or gain
• Getting beat up or in fights
• Suicide talk or behavior
• Overdosing
• Caught high or drunk
• Skipping school regularly
• Chronic tardiness
• Drop in grades
• Getting busted
• Change in attitude and behavior
• Conflict with school staff and students
• Suspension or detention
• Negative change in sexual values
• Promiscuity
• Seductive dress, talk, behavior
• Negative change in values
• STDs